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Astra Evolux Doge 800 Imperial Whirlpool Bath Pump, 0.80HP with Pneumatic Switch.
Ref: AS/DOGE800

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Astra Evolux Doge 800 - AS/DOGE800, imperial whirlpool pump 360° spin
Astra Evolux Doge 800 - AS/DOGE800, imperial whirlpool bath pump 360° spin logo

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The Doge 800 whirlpool bath pump is a high flow centrifugal electric pump made of high grade thermoplastic. It's maximum operating temperature is 35 °C / 95 °F (water), 40 °C / 104 °F (environment). This 0,1 - 1,0Hp pump is designed to be above surface & used for pumping clean water.

Pump Information:
P1: 0.80Kw / 1.1HP
P2: 0.60kw / 0.80HP
LPM: 322
RPM: 2800
AMP: 3.8

Pump Materials:
Pump Body: Polypropilene
Motor Bracket: Polypropilene / Ryton
Impeller: Noryl
Mechanical Seal: Alumina / Carbon Graphite
Insulation Class: F
Protection Class: IPX5

Technical Dimensions (approximation):
Whirlpool Pump Technical Dimensions - Astra Doge 800

Technical Information:
Whirlpool Pump Technical Curve - Astra Doge 800

Parts Information:
Whirlpool Pump Parts Explosion - Astra Doge 800

Whirlpool Pump Parts List - Astra Doge 800