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Pegasus Whirlpool Baths - 4G Whirlpool System

The Aphrodite Air-Spa - Soft carressing bubbles from the base of the bath

The Aphrodite Air-Spa system generates thousands of soft gentle air bubbles which gently massage your entire body, your feet your ankles, your thighs, your back, your neck

12, 18 or 24 discreet nozzles installed into the base of your bath deliver streams of pre-warmed air bubbles through the bath water to provide a gentle relaxing all over massage.

The warm air flow is produced by a powerful but compact compressor which can be installed under the bath thanks to the installation of a Safety Air Loop into the rim of the bath. This together with non-return valves in each nozzle ensures a completely safe, warm and hygienic massage.

The nozzles and fittings are available in a choice of matching bath colours, bright chrome plate and two luxurious shades of gold finish.

System options
  • Single speed - Simple On/Off operation obtained by depressing a simple pneumatic button mounted on the side of the bath.
  • Three speed - Again a simple pneumatic on/off control on the side of the bath is used to operate an airswitch giving control over three speeds of the compressor - first press gives high pressure for an invigorating bubbly bath, second press changes to medium pressure for normal bathing, the third press enables low pressure for low water situations & children and the fourth press turns the whole system off.
  • Vari-speed - a Sophisticated touchsensitive electronic control pad is used to give electronic on/off, infinite variation of the blower pressure and Wave (automated variation of the blower pressure). Finally, 15 minutes after the bath has emptied, the blower will Auto-purge - blow the pipework dry automatically.

On/off button - Press once for "ON" and again for "OFF"

Pressure variation Press and hold to increase and decrease speed of blower

Pulse & wave Feature Press once to start automatic Vari-speed function press again for Pulse option

Underwater light/accessory "ON-Off" for operation of underwater light if fitted. NB light will only operate when sufficient water is in the bath.

LED Status indicator LED will start to flash after on/off button has been pressed. flashing slowly indicates sufficient water in bath and operating. Flashing fast indicates insufficient water in bath OR after bath has emptied waiting for autopurge. N.B. auto purge feature can be halted by pressing on/off again.

This system is not suitable for fitting to Steel baths

Technical Specification

  • Air Compressor: Conforms to European Standards: K78B- Wl W2 W3 (based on 60335-1 Including A2 A5 A6) K78B-2-6 (based on 60335-2-60)
  • Fan unit electrical rating: 220/240V, 500/600W 2.5amp, 5Hz, Class 1.
  • Output volume: 35L/sec
  • Output pressure: 16000 W.G.
  • Water protection: IPx5 (if used with cover).
  • Housing: Injection moulded in ABS with rubber suspension mountings to secure fan unit.
  • 1-speed control: Tri-Delta latching air switch, fused 5 Amp, housed in ABS IP55 enclosure bolted to fan unit housing.
  • 3-speed control: Custom-made PCB air switch, fused 5 amp.
  • Power supply requirements: 13 amp. Twin & earth via 30MA trip ELCB/RCD.
  • Operation: by pneumatic button mounted on top surface of bath in colour matched, chrome or gold effect finish, connected to control unit with 3mm. bore PVC pipe.
  • Fittings: Nozzles: 12, 18 or 24 injection moulded acetal nozzles incorporating stainless steel balls seating on rubber 'O' rings to give anti-surge protection. Sealed on inside of bath and secured with special backnuts to prevent overtightening. Removable caps in bath colour matched ABS.
  • Manifold: 12, 18 or 24 branch injection moulded in ABS.
  • Manifold to nozzle pipe-work: Extruded PVC.
  • Air trap: Moulded in ABS and mounted on top surface of bath, visible parts in bath colour matched, chrome or gold effect finish.
  • Air trap to manifold and compressor pipe: 32mm. polyethylene convoluted hose with 32mm. hose cuffs. All pipes secured with appropriate size zinc plated clips.

The Aphrodite Air-spa System is available in kit form for both UK and Worldwide Export

No medical claims are made for the use of this product. In accordance with our policy of continual product improvement, we reserve the right to amend product specifications without prior notice.

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