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Metrax Heated Blower - 800 Watt - Non Switched
Metrax Heated Blower - 800 Watt - Non Switched
Ref: MG/METRAX/90613

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Product Overview:

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Product Overview:
This superb 800watt Spa bath air blower From Metrax is rated IPX5 and is suitable for powering spa systems with up to 36 nozzles. It can also be used for Most air track baths such as those supplied by ourselves, PH Pools, and Airbath. The blower is very quiet compared to other blowers we have used in the past and comes as standard with a powerful 300watt heating element with a thermal cutout which switches the element off once the blower has reached operating temperature.

Blower Features:
Extremely robust housing / swing buffer bearing

Security aspects: All of our blowers are equipped with a thermal fuse (105 °C). The thermal fuse is seated directly at the motor winding and prevents the overheating of the blower. Also in the area of the blocking of the motor, this thermal fuse prevents the overheating of the blower. This requirement was designed and implemented in accordance with the DIN EN standard. Safety comes first (!) for us!

300W heater (optional): Only 5 seconds after switch on, the integrated heating of the fan creates warm air, which is channelled into the whirlpool bath. With this technique, an unpleasant effect of colds is avoided when bubbles touch the skin.

Pneumatic switch (optional): Many of our customers want to turn on and off the hot tub blower without interfering with the existing electronics of the Spa. Our pneumatic switch or pneumatic button is attached to the edge of the tub. By this you can easily turn the blower on and off.

Ozone lamp (optional): Ozone is generated by this lamp. Because Ozone has an additional oxygen molecule compared to ordinary air, the air that is generated by the blower is of higher oxygen concentration. This effect sterilizes water and ensures more hygiene during use. Also: The nozzles can be cleaned with the Ozone while the tub is empty.

3-stage Electronic Control (optional): A pneumatic switch or button is attached to the hot tub. With this, the amount of air produced by the fan can be regulated in 3 stages. With the first hit onto the button, the fan switches on at the lowest level, at the second and third it increases its intensity. With a fourth hit, you can turn off the hot tub blower.

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Blower Specifications:
Power: 800 W
Heater: 300 W
Max Pressure: 140mbar
Air flow: 820 l/min
Air flow ø 10mm: 362 l/min
The blower is unswitched and is designed to be operated through a seperate control box (not supplied).
The outlet spigot is suitable for connection to 1 inch/32mm pipework.
Total Power requirement 1100 watts
Sound level of 66db.
Air temperature up to 70°c.
Vibration dampening.
Reliable high quality motor.
Compact design.
Top quality insulation.
TUV Approved

This item can be used as part of an Airbath control box replacement. Related products for this can be found at the bottom of the page in "Related Products".

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Whirlpool Baths | Whirlpool Bath Spares | Air Spa Spares | Air Spa Blowers |  Metrax Heated Blower - 800 Watt - Non Switched

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